Crafting a custom artist portfolio with 3D gallery

Role: Full Stack Engineering, 3D Design, Creative Direction

hollywood nite lighter


Conjure has the distinct privilege of partnering with my favorite living painter, Simone Chagoya. Her breathtaking landscapes, altered imagery, and incredible taste strike the viewer and leave us wanting more. We knew we had to bring our A game to this project, so we did. Simone led the design process, carefully measuring white space and UX rhythm. Her paintings speak for themselves so we chose to go for a minimal aesthetic while cultivating a high-end gallery feel.

We used GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) for the fading scroll interactions as well as the artist statement text fade. When the user scrolls to the bottom of the single-page application, they are surprised and delighted to find an immersive 3D gallery that was designed in Blender and coded with Three.js. This gallery provides the user with an experience that places the works in context and also is just plain fun to interact with.