Developing a full-stack audio recording collaboration app

Role: Full Stack Engineering, Product Management, Creative Direction

collabo audio recording sharing app


Musicians looking to collaborate on audio recording projects have a major problem. How do we share files? How do we collaborate when everyone uses a different DAW? (Digital Audio Workstation) How do we find other musicians with whom to collaborate?

Collabo aims to solve these issues by creating a platform for musicians to collaborate on remote audio recording projects. A user can create a new project by uploading an audio track they've recorded and telling us some details about their project such as tempo, time signature, key signature, etc. Once a project is created, other users can then collaborate on that project by downloading the original track, recording their own track to it, and then uploading the new track onto Collabo. This gives users the opportunity to create audio recording projects and collaborate with other musicians around the world who play different instruments.

This project is built with a 3rd party library called Waveform Playlist built by Naomi Aro. Waveform Playlist leverages the Web Audio API to create a DAW in the browser. This allows users to control the volume, panning, mute/solo, etc of the audio tracks. On the backend, the audio files are stored in the cloud via an AWS storage bucket. The backend data is handled by a PostgreSQL database platform called supabase.